QR Bookmark Project Collaboration with the Library

Through a Digital Writing Project, the concept was to use Quick Response (QR) Codes to connect something physical to something written. In our writing course, students thought about how comics and graphic novels work in form and content. This course allowed them to not only think about the content and characters of graphic novels but how these complicated art forms work frame-by-frame

Students went down to the library and picked out a graphic novel and read the book. Then they began to formulate their review. We discussed how to review a graphic novel without given critical information away (spoilers). Students considered the artwork and the comparative landscape to understand how their graphic novel fit into the world. Some took on traditional superheroes like Superman and Shazam - while others took on supporting characters like Lois Lane and the Joker. Other students went for a more artful approach picking titles like Fran, where the reader has to work harder to understand and interpret the graphic novel because it is abstract and sometimes just strange. Some students took on the historical graphic novel and looked at segregation in Texas (The Silence of our Friends), conflict in the middle east (Persepolis), and even our own inner conflict with the Native American people (Scalped). 

Students then added their own verdict at the end of the review. While a student was free to like or dislike the comic, the point was to explain why they felt this way. Once the writing was done, we had a chance to talk about digital writing and how the QR Codes might be applied to different applications in writing, socializing, and business marketing. A page for each student was created on the course blog where their review would reside. Cover images and text were added. Then a QR Code was created for each location. 

Connecting our efforts with the library drew in the supportive librarians who helped us design the bookmarks. Once deployed, these bookmarks would hold a key (QR Code) to finding out what the students on campus think about the comic. With that review, students had the opportunity to embed videos and links to their reviews to enhance the experience when students when to the review. 

Digital writing is a significant mode to deliver content, learning, commerce, and information sharing. Allowing the students to see how the QR Codes could interact with students on campus, defines why writing matters in all realms of thinking, learning, and working in the world. 

Special thanks to Katie Nazarian and Stephanie Johnson for their guidance and support in the library.  

Links to Individual Reviews 

Fran by Jim Woodring / reviewed by Blaise
Seconds by Bryan Lee O'Malley  / reviewed by Will 
Superman Archive One by Jerry Siegel / reviewed by Sam 
The Joker: a celebration of 75 years / reviewed by Kristian
Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi . reviewed by Elizabeth 
Lois Lane: A Celebration of 75 Years / reviewed by Lucas 
Ghost World by Daniel Clowes / reviewed by Lauren
Walking Dead by Kirkman and Moore /reviewed by Victoria
Scalped by Jason Aaron / reviewed Reilly 
The Silence of Our Friends by Mark Long / reviewed by Eddie 
Shazam: Archive Volume 1 / reviewed by Alex P. 
V for Vendetta by Alan Moore / reviewed by Alex S. 
Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi / reviewed by Olivia